Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen Kit

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The Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen is by far one of the best smoking tools for botanical oils and concentrates. It’s the size on an average pen, but delivers thick, potent hits instantaneously. Tremendous research went into building this device for use with oils and wax-style concentrates. This device uses Dr. Dabber’s amazingly advanced Titanium technology in order to accentuate flavor and give the user the best aromatherapy experience possible. The hits are full-flavored and remarkably smooth, which is a huge improvement from the usual metallic, smoky taste delivered by cheaper and more common Nichrome atomizers. As the atomizer is high resistant grade 4 titanium, the temperature to control and reserve the vaporizing oils and waxes is lower and more accurate. The atomizer is also designed to go deeper into the chamber, which in turn greatly reduces leakage while also maximizing loading capacity (0.3g). The design provides easy access for cleaning and loading purposes. The Ghost Pen’s inbuilt microprocessor ensure that the coil doesn’t get too hot and thus prevents any unnecessary damage to your concentrates. The Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen comes with a powerful battery that is capable of delivering 250-300 hits on a single charge (2 hours). This kit comes along with a dab tool and a silicone storage ball, which means you will have everything you need to get started with. This kit can also be upgraded to the Dr. Dabber Full Prescription Kit by simply purchasing (separately) and attaching the Dr. Dabber Globe attachment.Package Contents• 1 x Dr. Dabber Lithium Ion Battery• 1 x Dr. Dabber Ghost Attachment• 1 x Dr. Dabber Dab Tool• 1 x Dr. Dabber Shatter Proof Silicon Ball• 1 x Dr. Dabber Ghost Manual• 1 x USB Charger