Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Mod Attachment - 510 Threaded

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The world renowned Dr. Dabber unveils an amazing heating element to all vapers. The Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Mod Attachment elegantly displays a new Glass Water Filtration system designed for Boost eRig and almost any mod battery that has a 510 - threaded connection.Just one mod attachment for all (510-threaded) mod batteries is a great feature that distinguishes it from other attachments. The updated design uses a glass water filtration system, which reduces the clogging issues. The new glass works really nice. It has 3 replacement nails – titanium, ceramic, and quartz. The replacement ceramic nail works great with the Dr. Dabber Boost (except Dr. Dabber Ghost and Dr. Dabber Light) and results in more prolonged vaping sessions as ceramic helps conserve wax while the Replacement Quartz Nail from Dr. Dabber is designed for Dr. Dabber Boost eRig. *Warning: Do not use Boost Mod Attachment above 40-45W W or you will damage the heating element. Package contents• 1 x Boost Mod Attachment• 1 x Boost Glass Attachment• 1 x Ceramic Nail• 1 x Titanium Nail• 1 x Quartz Nail