Kannastor GR8TR Complete System

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No other grinder is as complex and versatile as the Kannastor GR8TR. Kannastor cares about what grinder users want. They realized that customers wanted the freedom to customize their grinder to better suit their taste and that people need different grades to their grind. They targeted three areas to imporve, effortless grinding action, increased storage capacity, and customization. The result is the impressive and ultra-streamlined GR8TR ginder. This model of the GR8TR has a solid design with interchangeable plates.Specification : -Height: 3.25"Micro-Teeth design that allows for smoother grindingFriction/Residue rings provide easy turningInterchangable plates let you choose the finess of your grindEasy Change screen for quick swapping and replacingLarge solid chamber for storage in mind